English Title: Seed

Duration: 84 Minutes

Language: Malayalam

Synopsis: Set in a highland village of Central Kerala, “Vith” or “The Seed”, tells the tale of Joseph;

a self-contained and traditionalist farmer and his son Jose; who is very lethargic and

unambitious for Joseph’s standards. Joseph’s worldview comprehends the concoctive

nature of the countryside reality where beasts, saints, ancestors and the nature coexists

with each other. Nevertheless, he is convinced that the urban corporate landscape is

where the future lies for his son. Jose, on the other hand is in the course of doing his

systematic transect walks so as to enclose himself back into the hold of his roots. Here

begins the subtle and tenuous animosity between the two. However, as the story

progresses, it becomes evident that neither of them are archetypical characters

symbolising binary values and attributes; but are people who encompass within

themselves the nuances of both good and evil, just as the movie is made in shades of

grey. Simultaneously, the movie also captures how religion locates itself, both

linguistically and idiomatically, in the domain of everyday intimacy - of kinship and affinity,

friendships, parent-offspring relationships and sexuality. Notwithstanding the constant

attempts at reaching a common ground by the father-son duo, in the end, no conflicts are

resolved, no rural-urban continuums are established, no lost-love is found and the

perpetual uncertainty and sufferings that life in general and blood-ties in particular bring,


Crew :

Director: Don Palathara

Writers: Don Palathara and Abhilash Melethil

DOP: Subal KR

Edited by: Midhun KR and Don Palathara

Sound Designer and recordist: Amrith Shankar

Sound Mixer: Ragesh Narayanan

Colourist: Vijayakumar CV

Assistant Camera : Vinu Kolichal

Assistant Sound: Adarsh Joseph Palamattom

Director's assistants: Sameen Salim and Shibin M

Music: Basil CJ

Co-produced by: Togin Thomas, Sijith Vijayakumar and Sandeep Varma


Jose: Jain Syriac babu

Joseph: Pradeep Kumar

Sojan: Jay Kizh

Sunny: Mathew Thomas

Girl: Archana Padmini