World Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam

Synopsis: Chris gets inspired by Louis Malle’s 1969 documentary Calcutta and aspires to recreate the modern version of the documentary himself. He moves to Kolkata with his wife Anita, who is also a movie actress, to work on his documentary. While the shoot of the documentary is progressing, Corona virus outbreak starts in India and his producer withholds the funds that he had agreed to release earlier. As the lock-down starts, Chris is stuck inside the rented apartment in Kolkata with Anita. To overcome the pent up frustrations, Chris decides to make a film about his own marriage without the knowledge of Anita.

Director's Statement: Everything is Cinema is a fictional film masquerading as a personal documentary. The film is told in first person narrative from the view-point of the character, Chris, an independent filmmaker from Kerala. While Chris explains his relationship with his wife and with the world, his character starts to get revealed slowly.

Cast: Sherin Catherine

Written by: Don Palathara, Sherine Catherine

Directed , Edited and Produced by: Don Palathara

Song: Sharath Chandra Bose

Sound Remixed: Ganesh Marar

Poster Design: Dileep Das