Don Palathara grew up in the state of Kerala before moving to Australia. There, he received a diploma from the Academy of Film, Theatre, and Television. After directing several shorts, he made his feature film debut with Shavam in 2015, which was later showcased on Netflix. In 2019, he made 1956, Central Travancore, which was later premiered at the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival. His next film, Joyful Mystery (2020), was nominated for a Golden St. George at the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival. That same year, Everything Is Cinema, his fifth feature, had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His latest film, "Family," premiered at IFFR in 2023. During 2021–2022, MUBI did a spotlight on all his films up until then. Don has also served on selection committees and juries at various film festivals, including IFFK. He won FFSI's John Abraham award for the year 2020 for 1956, Central Travancore. Don is part of the BAFTA Breakthrough cohort; India chapter of 2023.