Don Palathara grew up in the state of Kerala before moving to Australia. There, he received a diploma from the Academy of Film, Theatre, and Television. After directing several shorts, he made his feature film debut with Shavam in 2015, which was later showcased on Netflix. In 2019, he made 1956, Central Travancore, which was later premiered at the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival. His next film, Joyful Mystery (2020), was nominated for a Golden St. George at the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival. That same year, Everything Is Cinema, his fifth feature, had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His latest film, "Family," premiered at IFFR in 2023. During 2021–2022, MUBI did a spotlight on all his films up until then. Don has also served on selection committees and juries at various film festivals, including IFFK. He won FFSI's John Abraham award for the year 2020 for 1956, Central Travancore


2023 June 6- 11: Screening of "Family" at International Film Festival Innsbruck. Traveled in Germany and Austria. Visited Belvedere and Dachau.

2023 May: Screening of "Family" at Soho House, Mumbai.

2023 April: Screening of "Family" at Habitat Film Festival, Delhi.

2023 March: Screening of "Family" at BIFFeS 2023.

2023 March 09: Screening of "Everything Is Cinema" at IFFT 2023.

2023 February 26: Screening of "Everything Is Cinema" and discussion at Kochi -Muziris Biennale.

2023 February 22: Screening of "1956, Central Travancore" at KR Narayanan Film Institute. 

2023 February 18: Media One Film festival: Screening of "1956, Central Travancore" and panel discussion. 

2023 February 18: Workshop at New wave film school, Calicut. 

2023 February: Served in the jury for KSFDC Film Fund, priliminary selection. 

2023 February: Several Public screenings of "1956, Central Travancore" at University of Calicut and Parippally Film Society.

2023 January : 'Family' had its world premiere at IFFR. Attended IFFR. 

2023 January 21:  Short Film Jury for Prathidhwani, Technopark

2022 December : Panel Discussion on Malayalam Cinema at Wayanad Literature Festival.

2022 December 16: Everything Is Cinema is screened at Across Asia Film Festival, Cagliari.

2022 December : Served in the Jury for K R Mohanan award at IFFK 2022

2022 October: Travelled to Gujarat and edited a film there.

2022 September 23: Chattambi released in theatres. Wrote story for that film. 

2022 September 22: Introduced Histoire Du Cinema by Jean-Luc Godard at Durbar Hall Art Gallery on behalf of Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy

2022 August 26- 28 : Served in the Jury of Siliguri Short Film and Documentary Film Festival.

2022 August : Guruti is an official selection at IDSFFK

2022 August 21 : Screening of four of my films at Banner Film Society, Trivandrum

2022 August 14 : Open Discussion on The New Cinema, Kochi. 

2022 August 10 : Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam is screened at Women's Film Festival Kottayam. 

2022 July 30: Workshop on Indie Filmmaking and Film Screening at Symbiosis, Pune. 

2022 July: Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam at Monsoon Flm Festival Kannur and Kodungalloor Film Festival. 

2022 July 04: John Abraham Award for best film of 2020 for '1956, Central Travancore' from FFSI Kerala. 

2022 June: 1956,Central Travancore at Panchajanyam International Film Festival 

2022 June : Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam is listed among the top ten films from India, 2021 by FFSI. 

2022 May: Shoot

2022 April : Director of focus at Dialogue Film Festival, Palakkad

2022 March 13 : Interaction at St. Paul's College Kalamassery

2022 March: Attended IFFK and participated in the open forum about the future of independent cinema.

2022 January: Started preproduction of the new film in Idukki

2021 December : Served in the selection committee for Malayalam Cinema Today section of the International Film Festival of Kerala(IFFK)

2021 August 13: Interaction at NIT Calicut. 

2021 July 24 - August 27: Mubi India Director in Spotlight. Screened all my fictional works on Mubi. 

2021 July 22: Clubhouse discussion on my films organised by Filmocracy. 

2021 July 19 : Webinar. MES Asmabi College Kodungalloor and Kerala State Chalachitra Academy.

2021 June: Attended Rotterdam Film Festival online. "Everything Is Cinema" was screened there as a part of Cinema Regained program. 

2021 April: Travelled to Russia. Participated in the Moscow International Film Festival where "Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam" was screened in the main competition.  

2021 February: Both "Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam" and "1956, Central Travancore" were screened at IFFK. Travelled to four cities where the films were screened. 

2020 October: Talk on Regional Independent Films of India at BRICS 2020, Moscow. 

2020 October: "1956, Central Travancore" was screened at Moscow International Film Festival. Could not travel. 

2020 January: Talk on Slow-Cinema at Brennan College, Thalassery.

2019 December: Talk on Independent Cinema at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Ettumanoor Regional Centre.

2019 December: "1956, Central Travancore" was screened at NFDC Filmbazaar as part of the recommends program. 

2019 October: Travelled to South Korea. Attended Busan international film festival.

2019 April: IEFFK Calicut, Director in Focus.  

2019 - 2020: Talks on Cinema at St. Berchmans' College Changanachery.

2019: Third feature film "1956, Central Travancore" was made. 

2018: Returned to Kerala, India. Settled in Kochi. 

2018: Travelled in Hobart. 

2017 - 2018: Selection Panelist at Filmocracy Foundation.

2017 April: Travelled back to Australia. Attended Sydney Film festival.  

2017: Made second feature film "Vith". 

2016 : Travelled to Kolkata.  

2016 January - February: Travelled with Vedh, on cab setup with equipments for exhibition, all over Kerala and screened the film "Savam" in 65 different venues. 

2015: Travelled to rural Karnataka and Maharashtra. Visited Ajanta Caves. 

2015: First Feature film, "Savam" was made. 

2014: Returned to Kerala, made acquaintances with independent filmmakers in Kerala. Watched their processes closely. Travelled with Cinemavandi. 

2013: Travelled to North India, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

2013 - 2014: Studied Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media at International Film School Sydney. 

2011: Moved to Sydney, Australia.  

2008 -2010: Studied Masters in Information Technology at University of Tasmania.

2008: Migrated to Tasmania, Australia.

2004 -2007: Studied Bachelors in Physics at St. Berchmans' College Changanachery.